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Who I Am


A Beautiful Baby Girl

My name is Jazelle. I am a September baby. I am 18 months old. My favorite song is Wild Wild West by Kool Moe Dee, and I love to sing and dance. I enjoy being a baby model because I love taking photos and playing in the camera.


A Sista

Not only am I a natural, hair puffed sista, but I am also the youngest sister to four brothers and three sisters. I may be the youngest and the smallest, but I keep them all on their toes. Everyone knows that Jazelle is the boss!


An Explorer

Aside from taking fabulous photos, I have just discovered that I can walk on my own. It's pretty awesome. I love playing with my big hound Toby, taking car rides, and slipping and sliding through my living room floor. I'm pretty energetic and sweet. I love giving hugs and kisses, but watch out! … I do have a sassy side. A baby model generally does. :)

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